A Dad Found These Car Parts While Browsing Through Craigslist. What He Ended Up Making Is Brilliant.

A Reddit user, Inexplorata, wanted to purchase a special gift for his 3-year-old daughter. She was outgrowing her crib and needed a new “big kid” bed. All kids love car beds, and her family had just come into some really old Volks Wagon Super Beetle parts. So, her dad had an idea...

At first glance, it looks just like a VW bus parked in the driveway.

Look at this cool kid driver.

In dad's own words, "A few people have built a bed that looks like a VW bus, but I wanted a cheaper way to do it that would leave me with some options later, in case it wasn’t my daughter’s thing."


"I built mine to sort of hang from a metal frame bunk bed, with removable panels. I kept costs down by using a lot of things from my garage — paint, screws, scrap wood — but bought about $100 worth of stuff. Here’s the twin bunk bed, $25 on Craigslist."

Looks like it's definitely her style.


The bus is complete with working headlights, dashboard buttons, and a sound effect horn. 

This project was finished three years ago. Now at six years old, his daughter still loves the bed. She's definitely got the coolest slumber parties in town.

Credit: Imgur

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