A Diaper Cake Is The Perfect, Easy, DIY Gift For Any Baby Shower!

Diaper cakes have been around for a while now. Many of the classic strategies for constructing them involve leafing and rolling (sometimes even glue!), that make for a beautiful cake but one that’s terribly difficult to make any use of when the baby comes. Thankfully, a simple technique was concocted to allow people to not only build beautiful and fantastic diaper cakes, but ones which are super easy to disassemble and pack back into a neatly organized stack of ready-to-change diapers.

Brooke Mahan of YouTube channel What’s Up Moms put together a fantastic tutorial on how to use this simple layering method to create a gorgeous, modern diaper cake that will make a fantastic centerpiece at any baby shower. The process is so simple it’s crazy to think that this isn’t how it’s always been done. It just requires a few easy-to-find, inexpensive tools, chief of which is a series of three round baking pans. The other major implement is … an empty paper towel roll! The rest is mostly decoration and the results are so perfect.

Of course, once you’ve got the basic structure down, it’s simple to embellish with any decorations you want. One suggestion we’ve seen is that of wrapping each layer in a receiving blanket to make the tiers look like a real, fondant-coated cake! Plus, there’s the added bonus of getting to cram even more gifts into this beautiful stunner of a shower present. What kinds of wildly creative diaper cakes have you come up with?

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H/T: What's Up MOMS

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