A Dire Warning About The Dangers Of Cinnamon Asphyxiation

Four-year-old Matthew Radar was just a regularĀ kid who loved to climb all over the house. That's how he managed to climb up to the spice cabinet in the kitchen, where he began playing with the spices. Before his mother, Brianna, could even realize what was happening, Matthew was convulsing on the floor as if he was having a seizure.

The cause? Cinnamon. There are lots of things in your household that are perfectly safe in small amounts, but can be dangerous in large amounts. ThereĀ have even been people who died of drinking too much water too quickly. Cinnamon is another one of these substances that can be fatal in extremely large doses.

Sadly, Matthew passed away an hour after arriving at the hospital. His death was ruled as death by cinnamon asphyxiation. After her son's tragic death, Brianna decided to tell his story, so that other parents could hopefully avoid making the same mistake.

There's a popular game known as the "Cinnamon Challenge" that a lot of kids are daring each other to do these days. It involves trying to swallow big spoonfuls of cinnamon, usually resulting in a lot of coughing due to the dryness. Parents should take care to warn their kids about the very real dangers that cinnamon can present.

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H/T: X world

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