A Dog Owner Wanted To Keep His Dog Cool During The Day, So He Built This. The End Result Is Genius.

When this blonde lab turn 13 years old, she got an incredible homemade gift to keep her cool through the whole year.

She'd been digging up flower beds to lay in the cool dirt on hot days, so Doghaircrasher wondered, why not build her an air conditioned dog bed? So he set to work.

The frame and plenum is made out of 1x6 boards, cut to fit the 4" PVC piping. The boards were cut to fit snugly, so no glues or fasteners were needed.


An old PC power supply was mounted to the frame and fans were added to the inside of the air inlet.

Here is the inside of the frame with the cooling duct inlet in place.

A T-fitting keeps the cooling duct in place. A few holes and zip ties hold the pipe to the frame.

Mesh plant shade stretched very tightly across the frame and secured with fabric fasteners make a sort of hammock across the bed.


Now the T-fitting on the corner makes for a second cooling port. And the source of the cold? Frozen water bottles. Pure genius.

It cools the air by about 10 degrees and makes a nice, cool tummy breeze when the weather gets hot. What a sweet dog owner!

Credit: Imgur

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