A Duck Adopted This Sweet 5-Year-Old Girl As Its Mother

At just five years old, Kylie Brown of Freeport, Maine is making the news for being a mother. Now, before you jump to conclusions, it's not quite what you think - her child is a duck called Snowflake, whom she raised since he was a duckling. From the day they met, they've been inseparable. Snowflake thinks that Kylie is his mommy, and he won't go anywhere without her. Kylie takes him to a pond regularly where he swims around and does his duck thing, before faithfully returning to his "mom." Kylie, in turn, also views herself as his mother, and brings him with her wherever she goes.

Not a whole lot is known about exactly how or why it is that imprinting occurs in birds, but it causes them to identify themselves with any animal larger than them that they see during the earliest stages of life. A duck who imprints on a human, for instance, will believe it is a human - especially if it's the only duck in the house. 

In the video below, Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning decides to go interview the adorable 5-year-old mom, and finds it next to impossible to contain his laughter as she answers his questions. I can't fault Steve, it's hard not to look into those big blue eyes and not crack up a little at her absolute conviction. My heart melts every time I watch this video, because she's just so cute as she talks so seriously about her son.

*We apologize to our Canadian friends that this video is not available in your country. A version recorded by YouTuber Sandy Evans can be seen here.  

H/T: CBS Sunday Morning

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