A Face Appears In The Smoke, And It's There To Make A Crucial Point

Since the 1970s, the People's Republic of China's population and industrial sector boom has resulted in an unprecedented increase in pollution. The area considered heavily damaged by toxins in the air and soil now accounts for one-tenth of China's total cultivatable land. International organizations like the World Bank have voiced concern, stating that the environmental degradation will be a source of long-term burden to the Chinese population, particularly babies, young children and adults with weakened immunity, such as the elderly or chronically ill.

Chinese company Xiao Zhu has created a public art project to draw attention to the issue of pollution by projecting images on the clouds of pollutants billowing out from factories.

The images portray young children and babies, a population particularly vulnerable to the effects of air toxins over the long term.


In total, only 1 percent of China's population breathes air considered safe by European Union standards.

Chinese environmental agencies estimate that deaths related to continuous pollutant exposure are likely to reach up to 550,000 in the next five years.

Industrial pollution is thought to be China's leading cause of terminal cancers.


As Xiao Zhu projects the images of young children and babies, they project their emotionally charged message: "Clean the air. Let the future breathe again."

Check out Xiao Zhu's powerful video here:

Via: Fubiz | Wikipedia

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