A Family Decided To Explore This Abandoned Hospital And Ended Up Making A Shocking Discovery

Of all the abandoned places that urbex photographer Darryl Moran, of Subject Matters Photography, has shot, one stands out as being the eeriest. The Monsour Medical Center in Jeannette,Pennsylvania is the one he says was "the darkest, creepiest, and most un-welcoming place to be in, and definitely at the top of the surreal chart. I really can’t describe how eery this place felt, nor can my wife or son who each had their own creepy moments which forced them out of the building.”

The hospital closed in 2006 and was evacuated quickly.

It would cost $2 million for the city to safely demolish it.

So the city spends $25,000 a year in efforts to keep trespassers and vandals out of the building.

Still, Moran says that getting inside the building was very easy.

He is clearly not the first person to set foot here.

Trespassers have looted medical supplies, including hypodermic needles.


And vandals have set fire to the building several times.

Residents of Jeannette are very concerned about rumors of radioactive material leftover.

The building itself is deteriorating quickly from neglect.

And there's a sense of foreboding creepiness all around it.

Particularly the abandoned morgue in the hospital.

Medical waste, sealed in plastic bags, lines the shelves.

Drawers and drawers of tissue samples lay unclaimed.


It's completely unsanitary, not to mention a huge violation of patient privacy.

Their medical records, including sensitive information, were left behind for anyone to rifle through.

Graffiti marks where others have already gone through the vacant hospital.

And papers have already been searched through. 

For nine years, the city has searched for an affordable way to demolish the hospital.

At one point, all of this could have been donated to a charity in need.

Instead, it was simply left to decay.

Credit: Subject Matters Photography

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