A Family Of Six Found An Old School Bus In A Junk Yard, And This Is What They Transformed It Into

rozin.abbas for A & D

Several years ago, Nina Nelson got a crazy idea: what if she and her husband and their four children could reduce their carbon footprint and free themselves from the burden of all their stuff? What if they went small... really small?

By transforming this big yellow school bus into their family home, the Nelsons are living simply with the ability to travel all over the country.

They had their work cut out for them.

The bus interior was in rough shape and needed to be gutted completely.

And it would need a few modifications. Like a bathroom.

But eight months of elbow grease later, it's an incredible space.

The Nelsons custom-built their space according to their specific needs.


The wooden panels are made to double as storage space.

There's a sleeping loft and bunk beds for the kids.

The adult sleeping space is finished.

The two sets of bunk beds are next.

There are curtains between the bunks for privacy.

And the double bed nook looks wonderfully cozy.

The whole family fits.

Of course, mom and dad's bed is always where the family ends up hanging out.


There's even a full kitchen; a necessity when you've got a family of six to feed.

The kids are homeschooled, so the school bus doubles, charmingly, as their schoolroom.

All in all, the bus offers around 275 square feet of space.

When it was time to make the move into the bus, Nina gave each child a box and told them they needed to edit their toys into what could fit in the box.

This electric fireplace adds warmth, light and style to the living room.

The bunks are spacious enough for kid hangouts.

The family stayed in the bus for a full year. Today, the bus is parked next to the family's new house. They plan to rent it as an Air BnB property in the near future.

Credit: Diply | Shalom Mama

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