A Father And Son Have Been Collecting Old Car Parts For Years, And This Is What They Use Them For

When southeastern Chinese father-son team Yu and Lu Zhilin saw the Michael Bay film "Transformers," they were instant superfans. Young man Lu had been apprenticing under his father at their welding studio for several years and had an idea to take their love of "Transformers" to the next level.

Here are Lu and Yu Zhilin with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

The replica frontmen (frontmachines?) are 20 feet tall and constructed out of free scrap metal parts.

It's a great bonding experience for the two.


Here is where the materials come from, all for free.

They started with creating smaller replicas just a few feet tall. But as their project grew so did their replicas.

Zu and Lu started selling their replicas.

It soon turned into a lucrative business.


And as the local Chinese media picked up their story, the customers started pouring in.

Hard to believe something this epically awesome came from someone's trash.

Credit: Rocket News

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