A Father Found The Cutest Way To Decorate His Daughter's Eye Patches Test 333

When baby Layla was born, she had a tiny cataract in her right eye. To make the eye stronger, she would have to wear a patch over her healthy eye so the weaker one would work harder. Layla may have to wear the patch until she is 4 years old. 

Her proud dad, Redditor Gfgrubb, thought a boring, Band-Aid colored patch might cramp his baby's style. So, he created a project to draw a new eye patch for Layla every day. He documents it on his Instagram page, laylaspatches. The patch might prevent future eye troubles for Layla and it has become a sweet way for dad and daughter to bond.

"Think different."

"What's up, Babs?"

"More fun than a barrel of dancing monkeys."

"The days of auld lang syne."


"Got my eyes on you."

"If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour..."

"Got this tribal done at Burning Man."

"She's one of a kind and you know just where to find her when it's party time."

"Power up."

"A 1-Up? For me?"


"You'll go down in history."

"I heart you."

"Ready for Yoshi's Woolly World."

"Got daddy's eyes and eyeglasses."

Credit: Reddit | Layla's Patches

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