A Father Receives A Touching Note From A Stranger After Seeing Him With His Daughter

It can be hard for a working parent to make time for his or her kids. They’re a truly important part of any parent’s life, but unfortunately, a lot of factors you don’t control can influence the amount and quality of time you have for your kids. Just ask Dr. David Rosenman. A physician and professor at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Rosenman is no stranger to hard work. Still, when his daughter requested they spend a recent Monday morning together at a coffee shop, he didn’t hesitate. When she asked him not to check his email, he obliged. Instead, he spent real, actual time with his daughter, giving her the attention any child needs in her formative years.

The father of two didn’t think he was doing anything strange, or out of the ordinary.

But it nevertheless caught the attention of another customer.

Somewhat humorously, the teacher’s note seems more concerned with the benefits he’s bestowing on other teachers than what he’s giving his daughter, but the message is still clear: every minute you can spend with your child is bound to make them happier and healthier.

You’ll never be able to spend all the time you want with your children. But there are small moments that make big differences, and we’ve all got more time in the day than we truly realize.

Via: David Rosenman

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