A Forest Through The Eyes Of Its Inhabitants

Creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast might have a silly name, but they’ve got an incredible goal. Their main passion as artists is “hacking” human perception and sensation, using technology and an artist’s intuition. With their installation, “In The Eyes Of An Animal,” visitors to Grizedale Forest in Britain were able to experience the wooded naturescape like no human had before. Through the use of scanning technologies like LiDAR and CT, combined with a 360° drone camera, the team created a digital replica of the forest. They used this virtual forest to create artistic interpretations of how three different animals (a frog, an owl, and a dragonfly) would see the same woods.

To allow humans to experience these perspectives, Marshmallow Laser Feast created special headgear.

Blocking out normal senses, the helmets contain advanced virtual reality displays and audio equipment.

The result is an immersive take on how an animal sees and hears things.


The stereoscopic displays and high-tech software ensured a seamless experience.

If there’s one way to gain new appreciation for nature, it’s to see things through the eyes of wildlife.

While there certainly must have been a little artistic license, these images almost make me wish I were a dragonfly.

Or at least had access to this amazing setup.


I could see some of these enhanced views coming in handy in the woods at night.

While your computer won’t give you the full experience, check out this video for a taste of what they saw.

Via: My Modern MetMarshmallow Laser Feast

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