A Fun Hairstyle For Mom And Daughter To Try

With all the different ways we can wear our hair, it's a wonder we aren't visiting the salon every other day for a brand new 'do. A full head of hair is essentially a palette for whatever sort of artistic expression you want to let loose. Our hair can look like just about anything we want - from funky mohawks and huge Princess Leia buns, to rainbows and actual pieces of classic art. While visiting the salon is a nice way to splurge every once in a while, there are plenty of fun and unique hairstyles you can create in your own home!

Our favorite hairstyle that we've seen in a while (please ignore the unintentional rhyme) comes to use from YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles. Just as their name promises, these girls are always coming up with the coolest new hairstyles and teaching us how to make them with simple tutorials.

This hairstyle, entitled the "Triple-Flip Combo," looks far more difficult to create than it actually is. Simply separate your hair into three sections, with the middle section being slightly larger than the two on the sides. Then, turn all three sections into inside-out ponytails and loop the two side ponytails through the hair above our middle ponytail. From there, all you have left are some simple braiding maneuvers and you've got yourself a braided ponytail that's not quite a braid and not quite a ponytail.

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H/T: Cute Girls Hairstyles

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