A Group Of Strangers Saw This Car In A Garage And Transformed It Into Something Completely Awesome.

What could possibly be crazier than decorating your car with a Sharpie? How about letting a bunch of strangers do it for you? 

One Reddit user decided to do just that. After posting a picture of his Volkswagen van, he invited strangers to come decorate it. While this could have ended badly, the good-natured people who responded were also incredibly talented. 

Just a boring old, white van, right? 

The owner didn’t think so – he looked at this and thought “blank canvas”. 

He decided the best way to create a unique exterior design was to let strangers color it with Sharpies. He made a sign. He bought some Sharpies. The rest he left up to fate. 


Soon, people came and got to work on their designs. 

Luckily, a lot of them were really good. 

Each person added their own style, which resulted in a beautiful mosaic. 

There are so many different styles, but they flow together so well. 

Some of the volunteers really committed to the project – some of these designs took hours, if not days, to complete. 


Whoever had the idea to draw this awesome octopus on the back of the van is an absolute genius. 

This is what happens when you have a great idea, and awesome people come together to work on a project. 

As much as I love this, I probably won’t be inviting strangers to draw on my car anytime soon. 

Credit: Reddit 

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