A Group Of Students Found These Hilarious Excerpts In The Pages Of Their Textbooks. I'm In Stitches.

Keeping textbooks interesting is a tough job. Nobody wants to read them and you're just trying to keep those dang students awake. Most writers just phone it in and wait until it's 5pm, when they can work on cranking out their great American novel. But not these writers, these writers are the true heroes. These textbook writers and illustrators felt the call to textbook glory. 

1. This could save a life.... 


2. You're never going to believe this, but the number I just dialed?


3. Pssht! Everyone knows that.


4. Raccoon's in your textbook, taking your reading comprehension.


5. Nice 'stache. 



6. Orange you glad they fired me for this one? 

Like a Laugh

7. Now that's an existential qualifier.

Fun Cage

8. You leave Spongebob out of this.

Slightly Warped

9. PC to the rescue.

Little White Lion

10. Serious math.

Lot of Laughters

11. So true.



12. Some of the best theoretical problems you could ever ask for.

Slightly Warped

13. Saving more lives. 


14. They see me rollin'. 

Daily Pic Dump

15. Oh stewardess, I speak jive. 


In case you were wondering:

Sugar: How was your weekend?
Lily: I had a very good time! My boyfriend and I dressed up nicely and went to a party Saturday night. That boyfriend is not a follower. He is well put-together as a leader should be.
Sugar: I am sure you two looked very nice.
Lily: We had a lovely time until we ran into Jasmine and the boy who likes her.
Sugar: What happened?
Lily: Well, one thing led to another. Jasmine started an argument and this boy (who is not her boyfriend but would very much like to be) ruined the nice time that everyone was having. We left and rendezvoused with some friends who are less dramatic.

Credit: Diply

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