A Guy Found A Tree Stump In His Backyard And Transformed It Into The Most Epic Wood Carving.

Sometimes, with hard work comes an unexpected surprise. One family was recently clearing their land of dead trees when their son spotted a stump that looked perfect for wood carving. He excitedly shared the project online, catching the attention of accomplished carver Steve Kenzora. The family’s only request? “No men. All these sculptures are always old men or warriors or wizards, I want a woman, or animal.” Steve got straight to work, delivering a final scene that looks like it came straight out of the pages of a storybook. 

Some people might just see an old tree stump. 

This artist saw way more. 

He carefully used a chainsaw to shape a dragon from the tree. 


As well as a tower for the beast to climb. 

The end result? Epic. 

This is the type of unique yard art that any family would be lucky to have. Share this with your friends and family – it’s just too awesome to ignore. 

Credit: Reddit

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