A Guy Found His Friend's Photo From A Wedding. What He Transformed It Into Is Beyond Epic.

When this couple's good friend, Daina, was going through a hard time, Imgur user Wetfifty, embarked on a super cool project to cheer her up and decorate her new apartment.

Here she is, signing as a witness at the couple's wedding.

He cropped the photo and began an incredible transformation.

The first step was making a negative outline. Simple enough (he used a free online editor).

From there, he uploaded the image and rasterized it as four sheets wide, black on white, interlaced half-tone with a 10mm circle size.

He used a standard 4x8 MDF board cut in half.

Then, he painstakingly made a grid of 5mm for rows and 10mm for columns. 


Charting the lines, using the “easier” metric system.

The finished grid.

Now, erasing the unused part, you can see the outline.

In total, there were about 8,000 dots.

He says that he watched "The Wire" all the way through transcribing the measurements from the paper to the board.

A closeup of the measurements.

Now for the fun part: converting the drill bit sizes to metric and labeling them from 1.5mm to 6mm.


He used work gloves to apply friction to the drill chuck to reduce spin time and get a greater level of control. He estimates this might have cut down his time by a third.

Now that all the dots are drilled, it's time for sanding. 

A few coats of Bombay Mahogany stain and it's ready to go.

While the stain was drying, he cut out a backing frame from some 2”x1” boards and fastened them with Gorilla Glue, adding in some foam fabric to avoid any light leaks.

An LED ribbon purchased off Amazon acts as the light source attached to the inside of the frame. 

And here is the final project, a Christmas present for Daina.

Credit: Imgur

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