A Guy Spent 5 Years Of His Life Doing This... And It Was Totally Worth It.

Every 3rd grader ever has been put to shame by designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart‘s incredible paper airplane. You see, he spent five years creating an almost perfect, 1:60 scale replica of an Air India 777-300ER airplane. Here’s the kicker: it’s made entirely of manila folders.

It all started with tracing a can of cocoa on some paper. Even the greatest achievements tend to come from humble begginings. 

After that, it was time to glue the cross section of the plane together.

That helped create the basic skeleton.

Once that was finished, the fuselage needed to get some "skin".

I imagine this project involved a lot of time waiting for glue to dry.

Wow. Already looking great.

A project this detailed takes time. This one has been close to five years in the making.

Luca says his inspiration was the models he saw constructed from manila folders in his architecture class.

The project involved tedious amounts of measuring, cutting, and gluing tiny pieces of paper together... over and over and over.


Everythin on the jet is an exact 1:60 scale replica.

Every seat took around 20 minutes to craft.

By the way, that’s just for the coach seats...

... Of which there were a lot.


Everything, from the doors and windows to the engine and the seats, was made to be a perfect model of its real life counterpart.

He even made sure the doors and hatches were fully functional.

This was extremely delicate work, requiring minute tools for the details.

The attention to detail is almost unbelievable.

This project became an obsession for Luca, to the point that he dropped out of college to finish it. Everything is made so meticulously to scale, and the landing gear is even retractable just like on a real plane! 

It’s almost mind-boggling to think about spending this much time on anything, let alone making it this perfect. If you’re curious, you should definitely check out Luca's YouTube channel to watch a video of the entire process.

Credit: Luca Iaconi-Stewart via Time

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