A Guy Took Some Colored Pencils And A Bottle Of Glue. What He Ended Up Creating Is So Cool

When you hear of a DIY craft project with a pack of colored pencils, you're probably not too excited. Sure, colored pencil art is okay, but it's something you've seen before. But, you've probably never seen the incredible colored pencil art of Peter Brown, a woodworker from California.

He starts out with a regular pack of colored pencils. 

He arranges them into a color palette.

He glues them together.

From here, he drills a big hole from the middle of the pencils. Now, are you starting to get curious?

Peter cuts away the excess wood.


He uses a lathe to smooth away the edges and give it a nice round shape.

This is the really laborious part.

Now it's time to polish the sides.

You can start to see what it's going to look like.

A lacquer coat gives it a smooth and glossy finish.

Hard to believe it comes from something so simple!


Look at this beautiful ring!

Pretty great for some colored pencil art.

Credit: Imgur

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