A Handyman Was Given The Keys To Backstage Versailles, And This Is What He Found Hiding There.

When all the school field trippers, foreign exchange students, squirming families and honeymooner tourist groups have all gone back to their hotels, one man, Robert Polidori, begins his work in the palace of Versailles. In the 1980s, the Canadian photographer won a contract to document the continuous restoration of the Île-de-France's royal château.

Underground reserves of busts, furniture stored under ghostly white sheets and paintings resting on the ground next to torn 17th century wallpaper make up Polidor's brilliant still life photos beyond the red velvet rope.

Grand Cabinet du Dauphin, 1985.

Velvet wallpaper, 1985,

Salle de Crimée Sud, 2007.

Attique du Midi, 2005.


Salle les princesses royales, 2010.

Salle du Crimée Sud, 2007.

Taken in the same room, earlier in 1985.

Empty Frame, Salles du XVII.

Grand Cabinet de Madame Victoire, 2005.

Marat assassiné, 1793, by a’telier of David, 1985.

l’Orangerie, in the gardens of Versailles, 1983. 


Marie-Antoinette’s library, 2008.

Salles des peintures XIXe Attique Chimay, Corps Central – Attique, Chateau de Versailles, 2002.

Slashing plastic, taken in 2005.

Marie Antoinette’s la Meridienne bed, 2007.

Marie Antoinette’s bathroom, 2006 (see the bathroom after renovation here),

The entrance hall of the former apartment of Mme Adélaïde de France, fourth daughter of King Louis XV,1985.

Credit: Robert Polidori | MessyNessy Chic

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