A Homeless Man Pulls This Cart For 2,000 Miles On His Bike. Wait Until You See What's Inside

Steve became homeless in 2001 and was forced to live on the streets in California. Living without any real companionship was very difficult, but when stray dogs approached him, he soon realized that he wasn’t alone. He found a tremendous amount of comfort in the pups and couldn’t help but take care of them. He understood the dogs’ struggles, as he felt like a stray himself, so he took each and every one of the dogs into his care whenever he could. 

Despite having very little to offer, Steve managed to give everything he had to take care of over 150 dogs in the past fourteen years. 

A friend in Indiana offered Steve a wonderful opportunity that could, potentially, turn his life around. However, the only way he could travel to Indiana was on a bike. He didn’t want to leave his family behind, so he took them with him. Steve strapped a crate to the back of his bike and started his journey with 11 dogs in tow.


Steve’s selfless act inspired numerous people during his trek to Indiana. Many stopped to help him along the way. Alicia Edrington was the first to lend a helping hand. After contacting her family, she managed to book a hotel room on a stormy night for both Steve and his dogs.

“God must have put this man on that road at that time for a reason because as I was returning to town I saw him. As I got closer I put on my flashers and slowed down to ask him to come across the road to a business because I had something for him. Once over there I introduced myself and he instantly started telling me all the fur babies names without even introducing himself,” Alicia Edrington wrote on Facebook. 

Kelley Seaton, an animal enthusiast from Tennessee, heard about Steve’s story and quickly decided to help as well. She offered to drive Steve and his dogs for the rest of his trip to Indiana. He gratefully accepted.


As if the good of humanity couldn’t get any better, another kind person donated a trailer for Steve and his dogs to live in when they reached Indianapolis. 

All of the dogs have been neutered, sprayed and vaccinated, and a GoFundMe has been created for any additional expenses. The campaign has already reached $8,000! It’s nice to see good people in this world doing great things. 

Via: IJReview | Facebook

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