A House Fit For Fred Flintstone Is Now On The Market... And The Inside Is Anything But Stone Age

Residents of Los Angeles’ affluent beachside community of Malibu know the home very well. In a neighborhood known for ostentatious and eccentric home and garden designs, the Flintstones house is still the stuff of local legend.

The home most recently belonged to its original owner, classic TV host Dick Clark.

But the house has finally sold, having been on the market for a few years... with an asking price of $3.5 million.


It's a little more than Malibu's median home value of $2.5 million, but then again, most homes don't come with their own Flintstones built-ins.

Even the custom cabinetry reflects the chiseled look of a modern Stone Age carpenter.

The home has a beautiful ocean view and garden of dinosaur-inspired plants.

The recessed built-in lighting does give the bedroom some unique mood-lighting.

Clark knew that he wanted to build on the home's land atop the Santa Monica Mountains, but the mountain's conservancy group was opposed to the idea. 


So Clark compromised: he'd blend the home in, disguising it as a rock. 

The conservancy group finally caved to Clark's request, no pun intended.

It's somewhat unlikely that the new homeowner, as of yet unidentified, would be able to bulldoze Bedrock for a new mansion. Here's hoping the famously eccentric house doesn't just go down in history.

Credit: Modern Met

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