A Husband Gave His Wife An Old Rusty Trailer. Wait Until You See What She Did To It

Most wives would want some jewelry, a new outfit, maybe a night out on the town with a fancy dinner as a gift from their husband. But Tiffany isn't most wives. Her husband knew the perfect gift for her: an old, rusty trailer. Tiffany named the trailer Audree and, with the help of her husband and two daughters, transformed it into her perfect little retreat.

Audree was looking a little rough around the edges at first, and definitely in need of Tiffany's TLC. 

A fresh coat of paint has Audree already feeling a little more chipper. Plus, you can't beat the view.

“A serendipitous story for sure, she was meant to belong to me before I even knew it,” Tiffany says.

Indeed, a friend of hers had actually mentioned the trailer to Tiffany a year earlier. But Tiffany wasn't ready to undertake such a big project, so she declined... only to have her husband bring the trailer full circle a year later.


Tiffany spent every free moment tinkering on Audree's makeover.

Audree even has her own personalized nameplate.

"[Audree] has come a long long way in her 52 years. I wish I knew more of her history. Today, her and my next chapter begin… ”

It's a beautiful space for Tiffany to display photos and keepsakes of her own history.

No doubt about it, Audree is unabashedly girly.


Every little detail makes this a perfect ladies' retreat for Tiffany, her friends and her daughters.

Including a place to hang out and gab over refreshments.

Check out Audree's original refrigerator box, speckled floor and absolutely beautiful aqua Formica countertops.

Tiffany runs a blog called Fancy Farmgirl that is truly just a testimony to happiness and making memories. 

And they have many more memories ahead of them.

Credit: Fancy Farmgirl

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