A Janitor Spent 7 Years Creating Intricate Drawings In Secret, Then Hid Them For 30 Years

Nearly 30 years ago, a man spent roughly seven years of his life hand-drawing the most painstakingly complex (and more than likely unsolvable) maze that anyone has ever seen. Only recently did his work come to light, when his daughter recently posted the photos to her Twitter. The pictures became an almost instant viral sensation, and now everyone wants to know more about this man.

So, who is the mystery man behind the maze that’s taken the art world by storm? A mathematician? A genius professor? A surprisingly gifted doctoral candidate? Nope, although he is associated with a university. As it turns out, this incredibly complex maze was the creation of a humble college janitor.

The maze is quite large, measuring in at 34 x 23.3 inches.

Twitter user “Kya7y” posted these pictures of the maze created by her dad, a simple janitor at a Japanese university. He spent over seven years working to create this.


...Three decades ago.

He doesn’t want any recognition for his work, preferring to stay quietly anonymous. This is partly why it took so long for the maze to go public.

Incredibly, even leading puzzle solvers are baffled by the maze, and most claim that it is genuinely unsolvable. 

Needless to say, the art world is going absolutely mad about this for pure artistic merit, as well as its difficulty. The whole story almost seems like a movie, a brilliant-but-anonymous janitor at a university does something that baffles all the geniuses with fancy degrees. Actually, isn’t that the plot for “Good Will Hunting”? Time for a sequel perhaps... ?


Even now, very little is actually known about the man or the maze, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. If you’re as amazed as I was, please head over to the following link where you can purchase a copy of “Papa’s Maze”

Credit: Kya7y | ViralNova

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