A Japanese Hostel Filled With Books For Your Favorite Bibliophile

Somewhere between library and bunkhouse is Book and Bed Tokyo, an unusual hostel being described by its founders as an “accomodation bookshop.” Both of these words are used loosely, of course. The books are for reading, but aren’t for sale. The accomodations are spartan. You do get a little more privacy than the average hostel, though and of course, some very unique benefits. If you’re a book lover and have a trip to Tokyo in the future, this might just be the place to stay.

Minimalist from the entrance onward, there’s still the hint of what’s to come.

Visitors are greeted by a wall of books, all for the reading, along with comfy seats throughout.

But that’s not all this bookshelf has in store.

For $32 to $50 per night, the bibliophile traveler can fall asleep to their favorite read, or a new find from one of the many shelves.

Via: Bed and Book

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