A Lion, A Tiger, And A Bear, Living Together? Oh My!

If you’d spent your youth in a dank, dark basement with little care given, you might feel a little solidarity with your fellow captors, right? Apparently that solidarity extends across species, at least when it comes to these three animals at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Georgia.

Baloo the bear, Shere Khan the tiger, and Leo the lion (we’re loving these names) were all rescued from a pretty nightmarish situation and it was only thanks to some quick intervention (and a little surgery for Baloo) that the three survived their ordeal.

Because of the trauma they experienced, the trio was kept together as they grew.

And to some surprise (though maybe not so much if you’ve seen any other stories like this), the three became unlikely friends.


Really good friends. They’re simply inseparable. In fact, Baloo’s surgery represents the only time the three animals have been apart their entire lives. They've come to be nicknamed BLT, both for how they sandwich together and, obviously, because "Bear, Lion, Tiger."

Have we mentioned that the three are inseparable? Maybe we didn’t make it clear. You can barely keep these three more than a millimeter apart.

They groom one another, comfort one another, and play with one another.

They’ve become quite an attraction for visitors, for obvious reasons. Aside from Disney films, when have you ever seen this kind of animal interaction?


This is the love of lifelong friends, and since nobody was around to tell them they were different from one another, they don’t know the difference!

They’re all entering the golden years of their respective species, and they’ll continue to spend the remainder of their lives as happy together as they were the day they were rescued.

There’s nothing better than that.

H/T: Noah's Ark

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