A Little Boy Raises His Hand At The National Cemetery. When I Saw Why, I Nearly Broke Down

When Barbie Forbord Groome took her 10-year-old son, Darren, to the Florida National Cemetery, she saw a teaching moment. The land, in the Withlacoochee State Forest, has been owned by the federal government since 1936, although it dates all the way back to the Armed Occupation Act of 1842. The Florida National Cemetery covers 5012 acres in Bushnell, Florida, and marks the resting place for over 129,000 veterans. Internments began in 1988 and include veterans from the second world war onward.

Darren Groome's own great uncle and great grandfather, both World War II veterans, are laid to rest there.

Barbie Forbord Groome used the visit to teach him what the thousands of burial markers stand for and what it means for these men and women to have served their country.

It's an important moment for children to get a concept of loss, service and patriotism, but her son, Darren, was particularly impressed.

Darren has a hearing disability and communicates by sign language. As he was leaving the cemetery, Darren lifted his hand and, in American Sign Language, said "I love you" to the veterans.

Via: Little Things

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