A Mall Wanted To Demolish Her Home For More Land. What She Did In Response May Have Inspired A Movie

If you ever find yourself in the rapidly gentrified neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle, you might happen across an unusual sight. There is a massive shopping mall there, and right in the middle of one side of it is an adorable little house. How did it get there? The story starts some years ago.

Edith Macefield was around 84 when developers, seeking to build a new mall, bought out all of her neighbors.

Edith, however, refused to sell.

Even after the developers offered her a million dollars for her little bungalow.


Her reasons were not financial. Her family was all gone, and this home was the last connection to them.

Her mother had died on the sofa, and she planned to live out her days in this home as well.

As fate would have it, Edith befriended the construction chief for the new mall, Barry Martin.

Edith slowly became a folk hero, inspiring tattoos...


And even a music festival.

Eventually, Edith passed away. To everyone’s shock, she willed the home to Barry Martin, who built the mall that surrounds her home.

The mall was designed to be modified to absorb the space, should Edith ever have changed her mind. Amazingly, Barry didn’t sell to the mall developers, and the house is still standing today.

Credit: Roadtrippers

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