A Man Bought This 50-Year-Old Home. Little Did He Know There Was An Untouched Treasure Inside.

When Nathan Chandler, a furniture craftsman, purchased his home in 2010, it hadn't been touched or lived in since it was built in 1956. Owned but untouched for 54 years, the house is a perfect time capsule of life in the late 1950s.

Guess what the previous owner's favorite color was?

The fridge and freezer were custom installed and built into the wall horizontally.

The burners in the matching pink stove came with little silver caps for when they weren't in use.


Look at the adorable little buttons for the stove control.

And the custom-colored oven.

Even the clock matches.

The original purchase card is still in the refrigerator.


Even the complimentary dishwashing powder rests alongside the manual in the dishwasher.

The manual for the oven is complete with adorable 1950s housewife illustrations.

Nathan Chandler ended up selling his custom 1956 GE kitchen. Presumably to another mid-century fan obsessed with pink.

Credit: Nathan Chandler

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