A Man Discovered This Unusual Squirrel Outside His Office, And Managed To Capture These Photos.

You wouldn't think the view from an office building in San Jose, California would offer much in the way of nature viewing. According to a sub-Reddit thread, however, that is exactly what one guy got when he peeked outside. This piebald squirrel was staring back at him with its blue eyes and unique black and white fur. It almost looks like a skunk, but the piebald designation applies to a wide array of mammals that display this odd coloration. They are typically targets for predators in nature, so here's to hoping that his new home among big business is a bit safer.

He’s trying his best to hide, but it isn’t working too well.

This guy is quite the adept climber.

Frank Sinatra has nothing on this guy. Just look at those eyes.


If I don’t move, maybe no one can see me.

Doesn’t it just look like a small skunk?

OK, now it really looks like a skunk.


Upon closer inspection, are we sure that isn’t Pepé Le Pew? I had heard he moved away from Hollywood to “get away from it all.”

Credit: Reddit

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