A Man Explores An Abandoned Building In His Town. What He Found Gave Me The Creeps

Every now and then, you probably pass an abandoned building and wonder how it got to be as decrepit as it is. Maybe you even wonder what's inside, what might have been left behind. Reddit user ODzyns certainly did, and he decided to see for himself. What he found was stranger than he could have imagined. 

A few years ago, he decided to explore an abandoned building that was attached to his town hall just outside of Glasgow, Scotland. It had been abandoned for years, and he had spent enough time wondering about what lay within.

Beneath a theatre, he found something truly strange: a row of jail cells, with heavy doors and cement beds and tables inside.

Apparently, the cells had seen some visitors.

One of these visitors must have had a lot of free time, because they carved this.

Reasonably disturbed, but still intrigued, he decided to venture further underground.

He found this lovely and completely dark hallway.


He used the flash on his camera to try to locate a light switch and was treated to this terrifying sight (he thought that these clothes were people standing around in the dark).

For some reason, there was an old shopping cart around one of the many twists and turns.

As if things couldn't get any weirder, he stumbled upon a large swimming pool.

It looks even more appealing with the natural light, doesn't it?

Here's some sort of overgrown windowsill. There's something new around every turn.

There were some offices in the building as well, packed with old computers and equipment.

Don't forget the set of rusty lockers.


It almost seems crazy for this building to not have a sauna.

Yet another incredibly charming hallway. Those walls look like they've seen better days.

And a terrifying, pitch-black room with a typewriter. Nightmare fuel.

Perhaps these are for the pool?

In case you're ready to move in, good news: there's laundry in the unit.

And all of the chairs you could ever need.

One can only assume that this was once some sort of underground community center, complete with its very own jail house. How else do you explain all of these different amenities in one place? Well, actually, you can't really explain it at all: the building is actually called the Bruce Street Baths and Swimming Pool. Kind of makes you wonder what the jail cells are doing there, doesn't it?

Via: ViralNova | Reddit

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