A Man Found This Injured Hummingbird Lying On The Ground. What He Did Next Made Me Smile.

A little hummingbird was in trouble. He was dazed and confused, and stuck on the ground, easy prey for anything nasty that happened to walk by. Thankfully, he was found by two very good samaritans instead, who took him in and cared for him in one of the most adorable rescues I’ve ever seen.

The poor little guy was too weak to fly when he was found.

Thankfully, he was found by someone kind, who took him in and gave him some sugar water to feed on.

He was shy at first, but he eventually started eating.


The little bit of sugar really perked him up.

Little by little, he got stronger and stronger.

It didn’t take long before he looked ready to be let go.

Though he did have to be convinced to get interested in feeding from flowers.


Before he flew away, he turned back to his rescuers, as if to thank them for their kindness.

I’m so happy people like this still exist in the world. It’s so important to be kind to animals.

Credit: Imgur

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