A Man Spent 11 Years Working On This Unusual House. Just Wait Until You See Inside

Édouard T. Arsenault had a huge collection of glass bottles that he'd been amassing ever since he received a postcard from his daughter with a glass castle on the front. The year was 1979 and Arsenault was 66 years old when he began his project. With 25,000 bottles, he built a real life glass castle in Cap-Egmont, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Now 35 years later, the Bottle House is a tourist attraction in the area.

Arsenault had been a lighthouse keeper in the area.

He spent the whole first winter just cleaning the bottles, painstakingly removing the labels.

The original postcard that inspired him was from the Glass House in British Columbia.


The original Glass House was built from empty bottles of embalming fluid.

Arsenault used 300-400 bottles per row, held in place with cement.

He left the necks of the bottles intact, adding a 3-D effect to the interior.

Arsenault was an avid gardener and planted lush plants around the glass castles.

After building his glass villa, Arsenault built a glass chapel.


Glass pews and an altar let the light shine through the tiny chapel.

And with the chapel finished, Arsenault built a reason to need it: a glass tavern.

As a special tribute to the original Glass House, Arsenault constructed a replica of his inspiration.

Arsenault worked on it for the last four years of his life. He passed away at the age of 70, leaving his glass castle as his legacy.

Via: Trip Advisor

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