A Man Was Moving In And Discovered This Trap Door. The Space Below Had Been Forgotten For Decades

Although a building may appear modern, there is no way to know what can be hiding in walls or under floorboards. One man and his son were moving to a new office space when they came across an intriguing trap door in the floor. When they opened it and went inside, they found a space that had been forgotten by the world. Take a look.

From the lighting to the wiring, this office space definitely has a modern feel. 

So, what’s up with this weird trap door in the corner?

Of course the father and son opened it…

And of course they went down the stairs. Wouldn’t you? 

At first, it looked like they had stumbled across a bunch of junk....and maybe they had. 


But then they found an old blueprint to the building…

And some drawings dating back to the 1950s and ‘60s. 

The findings encouraged them to dig a little deeper. 

There was somewhat of a maze to navigate.

But they eventually discovered a newspaper from 1937.

As well as some random artifacts.


From the looks of things, the space had been untouched for many years. 

This light bulb is decades old, but was found in perfect condition. 

There might still be more to uncover, but first this timber must be cleared. 

However, the old light bulb was pretty cool after it was cleaned up – perhaps it will be a centerpiece of the new office. 

Credit: Diply | Lumaro 

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