A Massive Bear Was Headed For Trouble, Until This Man Did The Bravest Thing I've Ever Seen

On an otherwise average day in Alligator Point, Florida, local residents awoke to find something unusual rummaging through the neighborhoods and alleys. A huge 400-pound black bear had stumbled into the area, and it started to cause a panic. Luckily, local authorities were called in to help, but that was when things took a sudden turn.

Not knowing the severity of the situation, authorities immediately took to the scene to assess what could be done. Eventually, it was decided that the bear could be relocated, but it would have to be tranquilized first so it could be handled properly and safely.

Not wanting to harm the bear, they attempted to tranquilize it. However, after being hit by the dart, it ran in a panic into the water and slowly became more disoriented.

The bear started to stumble and fall as it went deeper into the water, and it very likely would drown the moment it could not hold its head up.

Noticing all the commotion, Adam Warwick decided to take action. Adam is a biologist with the local Wildlife Commission and has a deep love and appreciation for all animals.

Adam dove into the water to try to block the bear from going even deeper into the water.


They attempted to bring the bear back by boat, but there was no way to lift the 400 lbs. animal on.

Even if they were to tow the bear there was no way to keep it afloat and safe from downing.

Not wanting to give up, Adam put his arm around the bear’s neck and started to swim back to shore.

Struggling with the massive beast, is was incredibly difficult to pull the weight while keeping the bear’s head above water.

Adam refused to give up.

Through the whole ordeal, Adam was actually able to drag the 400 lbs. bear 25 yards back to land.


Even in shallow water, Adam would never let go of the bear for fear of it drowning.

As soon as he got close enough, others started to rush to his aid.

Eventually, they were able to lift the bear into the scoop of a small bulldozer.

A still only half awake, they lifted the bear into the back of a truck where it was then taken back to the wild.

Driven far enough to where it was no longer a threat to humans, the bear was happily released.

Credit: The Nature Conservancy

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