A Mother Duck Made Her Nest Right In Front Of His Apartment, And A Unique Friendship Was Formed.

You've heard of the city mouse and the country mouse, but what about the city duck? This duck decided to leave the pond for the bright lights of the big city and raise her kids right in the thick of it.

Here is the mama duck's nest, right outside the apartment building.

Eyeballing a piece of bread tossed at her.

And down the hatch it goes.

The duck enjoyed snacks from passersby.

You know how hungry expectant mothers can get.

The duck with her gorgeous eggs.


The cat and the mama duck make eye contact.

And then the babies hatched.

Mama duck was protective of them, and they stayed in the nest for the first few days.

But she eventually showed them around the grounds.

Here she is, giving them the tour.

She's warming herself up in the sunshine.


She's warning you not to get too close.

She’s got all her ducklings in a row.

You can see them starting to go.

And off they go, into the world.

Credit: Imgur

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