A Mother With Cancer Gets A Shocking Surprise In A Cupcake Shop

Sharon is the owner of Mrs C's Cupcakes in Penrith, Australia. She's also been through a very difficult time recently. Sharon lost her younger brother, and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her youngest son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease and the medical bills are weighing on Sharon. So Sharon works like crazy to be able to pay the lease. Unfortunately, that means she isn't at home as much as she'd like to be with her kids.

One day, a woman walks into Sharon's store with a box of cupcakes. The customer starts complaining about how stale they were. In the face of all these complaints, Sharon managed to stay happy and professional. “I want my customers to be happy,” she said. Sharon had no idea that the customer was actually a local DJ for KIIS 1065 and that the conversation was being filmed by a hidden camera. 

“Taste it for yourself so you can see,” Jackie says, offering the box to Sharon. Sharon open the box and there aren't any cupcakes to be found. Sharon is SHOCKED by what she finds. I won't spoil it, so watch the video below!

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H/T: KIIS 1065

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