A Musical Desk With A Puzzling Secret

You might have read about the computer game “Minecraft,” and how enterprising and inventive gamers have created functional things like computers and complicated machines within the game, using simple, LEGO-like blocks. Well the artist featured in this story has taken that concept to a new extreme. Kagen Sound is a woodworking sculptor who specializes in incredibly beautiful puzzle boxes. So, why did he build a desk? It’s not really a desk. Well it is, but it’s also an organ, a puzzle and a computer. And it’s made 100 percent out of wood, even down to the pneumatic system and screws. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, and also the coolest puzzle box ever.

Even if it weren’t secretly amazing, it’s actually a beautiful desk in its own right.

But then it begins to reveal its secrets.

First, there is a fully-functional, tuneable pipe organ built into the desk.


It can be programmed to play a song of the owner’s choosing.

Programmed? Yep, because Kagen is also a mathematician.

He built a complex memory bank that uses wooden blocks and switches to form a logic circuit.

As you solve each puzzle in the desk …


It unlocks the next puzzle, and stores a portion of the song in a wooden memory bank.

After 20 puzzles and hidden clues are revealed, there is a final puzzle that will play song when solved.

And a pendulum will swing, and open up a final, hidden compartment.

Via: TwistedSifter | Kagen Sound

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