A Photographer Captures The Growth Of A Family By Taking The Same Photo Every Year For 22 Years

Zed Nelson is a photographer from London who took on an interesting photo project over two decades ago. The wife of a friend was in the ninth month of pregnancy when he had the idea to do a unique time-lapse: photographing the family every year on the same day. He made a point of making sure that the lighting, backdrop and all other compositional elements stayed constant so that the progress of time and the “miracle of growth” was really highlighted. 

1991: It starts with a baby.

1992: Already standing.

1993: Wow, he's adorable.

1994: Check out those polka dots. This was definitely mid-90's.

1995: Come on kid, try to smile.

1996: That's more like it!

1997: I see we're back to grumpy.

1998: Apparently, they went through a barefoot phase this year?


1999: Mom kind of looks like Jamie Lee Curtis now, or is that just me?

2000: They're probably smiling because the Y2K bug didn't wipe out civilization.

2001: Kid's getting his own style now (I had the same wallet chains and Limp Bizkit shirt around this time).

2002: Dad's looking serious with the suit/tie while mom wears Koosh balls on her feet.

2003: Short hair for everyone!

2004: He's getting taller and taller.

2005: He'll outgrow them both soon.

2006: Nearly caught up to dad.

2007: Wow, changes all around.


2008: The boy is gone, replaced by a young man.

2009: Everyone looks so trendy here.

2010: Officially taller than dad. 

2011: Glasses!

2012: Dad really looks old now.

2013: The last picture. It's been quite a journey.

Via: Diply

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