A Photographer Captures The True Beauty Of Down Syndrome Children

Julie Wilson is a respected photographer from New Jersey who decided to take on a very different kind of project recently and focus her lens of some very special subjects that had a deep personal significance for her.

For her project, Julie decided to showcase the beauty of children who had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Julie's sister, Dina, was also born with Down Syndrome so the project was a way for Julie to make a difference in the way this community is perceived.

She wanted to really showcase the unique, funny individual personalities of each kid.

Children with Down Syndrome are born with an extra chromosome in their body. They face a wealth of challenges and unique complications but she wants parents to know that it's not a death sentence and these kids can still have long, happy lives.

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The condition stunts physical and mental growth, but research being done around the world is making strides every day to improve the quality of life for these individuals.

Sadly, Julie's sister passed away four years ago from congestive heart failure, which is a common condition that people with Down Syndrome struggle with. Still, Julie remembers her fondly.

Julie says Dina was "the best thing that could have happened to our family." Many other parents of Down Syndrome children feel the same way since the experience often rallies families to get closer as they face the challenges that come with it.

Most of these kids are entered into regular classrooms, where they play and have fun like any other kid their age.

Julie's goal is to show that people with Down Syndrome have just as much, if not more, to offer as anyone else. Her beautiful pictures convey that message perfectly.


Like anyone else, these children just need love and care to bring out the best in them.

If you'd like to learn more about Down Syndrome or find out how you can help, please visit  the National Down Syndrome Society's page here.

Every family deserves gorgeous photos of their precious child like these.

Via: Faithtap | JuleD Photography

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