A Photographer Entered An Abandoned House Expecting Ruin, But Was Shocked To Find This Instead.

These days, it is rare to find anything of value in an abandoned home, much less anything of real monetary value. However, rare finds do happen, such as this next tale about a kind-hearted urban explorer who discovered a real house of treasures – take a look. 

Our explorer goes by the nickname of Freaktography, and specializes in photographing abandoned and hard to reach places. 

In early 2014 he entered this house and knew immediately that it was special. 

There were many artifacts and antiques left in the home. 

As well as kitchen cabinets full of old products. 


He also found many family photos, which led him to discover that the house’s former residents had a very tragic history. 

​Amazingly, rather than exploit the family’s story, he chose to leave it unpublished, knowing that public attention would only harm surviving relatives. 

He also left all artifacts untouched, leaving only with photographs and memories. 

However, he did remove one thing from the house – nearly $6,800 in U.S. and Canadian dollars, tightly wrapped in bundles. Unbelievably, the money had sat untouched behind a bedroom mattress for more than 40 years. 

So, what did our honorable urban explorer do with the money?


He found the closest living relative, and gave her every penny. 

The woman believes her mother and grandmother earned the money at a fruit stand they ran throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, but no one really knows for sure. 

However the money came to be, it is a rare person that would not only hand over his findings, but also keep a sensational story under wraps for the good of strangers. Share this urban explorer’s amazing good deed with your friends and family, and don’t forget to check out more of his work here.   

Credit: Messy Nessy Chic l Freaktography