A Photographer Was Hiking When He Found This Tree. I'll Never Look At Nature The Same Way Again.

Italian photographer Elido Turco doesn’t just take pictures-- he also creates amazing illusions. From Udine, Italy, Elido takes pictures of fantasy characters, the likes of which you might expect to see in a movie. The difference between Elido and the people who create special effects in movies? Elido makes these creatures appear in front of our eyes using only a camera and a mirrored editing technique. These pictures would be nothing, however, without their stars: trees. 

Knowing his method doesn’t take away from the merit of his work, of course. Take a look at the fascinating images below. 

Elido Turco is the master of mirrored photography. 


This one looks like something straight out of a Guillermo del Toro movie...

But this one is pretty adorable.

Looks like Turco found the Ents from The Lord of the Rings. 


This guy looks pretty upset.

I think this one is laughing at Turco. 


A tree warrior. 

The results are just amazing.

Though his tree photographs are fantastic, Turco does much more than that. Check out an example of his other work.

Elido has found a fantastic use for such simple things. He’s really thinking outside of the box with these creations. To see more of his work, head over to his Flickr page

Credit: Elido Turco

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