A Pirate's Ship Was Discovered Off The Coast Of North Carolina. Who It Belonged To Is Shocking

Blackbeard is The “Pirate”. Who do you think of when you think pirate? Well, today it might be Jack Sparrow, but before those movies there was really only Blackbeard. He even had his own Disney film. He was a real pirate, however, and one of the more successful. With up to four ships under his command and hundreds of men, he was able to win battles against even celebrated warships. He preferred not to fight, though, and used his fearsome reputation to do the hard work for him. There is no record of him ever harming a captive.

Almost as famous as Blackbeard himself is his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. Formerly a French slave ship called La Concorde, Blackbeard outfitted her with cannons and christened it as his flagship. After a particularly unpleasant situation involving a blockade of the Beaufort, North Carolina harbor, Blackbeard deliberately ran the ship aground in order to save his crew from arrest.

While the story is known, the ship had been lost for some time.


In 1995, researchers began to find traces of a long-sunken ship in the Beaufort area.

But it wasn't until 2011 that they discovered this small little piece of metal, and everything was confirmed.

It was an apothecary weight. Part of a standard ship's medical supply. And it was stamped with the symbol of the French Navy.


More and more artifacts are being discovered as time goes on, including ornate swords (or what's left of them), gold, and weaponry.

Museums and officials are working to ensure that this amazing piece of history is both preserved and accessible to the public, so everyone can share in the excitement of what is essentially Blackbeard's treasure.

Via: National Geographic

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