A Retired Mathematician Found This Old Cabin From 1830. What He Did With It Is Perfection.

What happens when you put together a retired mathematician and an old, decrepit cabin from the 1830s? Luckily, Redditor srirachaforeverthing posted what happened when his math-savvy dad decided to restore this cozy place in the woods.

Here's the original cabin. As you can see, there's not much to look at, but he was able to label and transfer much of the original wood back to the family's land.

Here are the labels. Yes, it's going to be a very meticulous project.

Now the foundation begins to take shape on the new land.

And so the restoration begins.

The entire task took 10 years to come together.

Here's a peek inside.


And a look at the construction of the fireplace hearth.

All ready for those cold winter nights.

A beam of natural light.

The finished construction looks airtight and rustic.

The inside is comfy, cozy and warm.

An old oak tree fell on the family's property, so rather than be upset about the fallen tree, they turned the oak wood into the staircase. Beautiful and it's got a great story to it.

This cabin will be such a special place for future generations.


And of course, it's got a great loft bed, perfect for telling ghost stories.

And a wide open space for roasting chestnuts.

And a lovely warmth.

It's wonderful to see this cabin get a second life after almost two centuries.

And after a decade in the making.

Credit: Imgur

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