A Ride Through The Alps

Mar 13, 2016

When we picture the Alpine mountains, the gorgeous range that passes through eight different European countries, we often think of tranquil fields, snow-covered rocks, and breathtaking views. All of these things, and more, are captured in the following video, as well as one other thing that you'd never expect to see in the middle of the Alps: a roller coaster. That's right, gliding through the Alps is something called a "mountain coaster," and it takes the term "thrill ride" to a whole new level. 

Part roller coaster, part bobsled, the mountain coaster is a unique way to see nature. The roller coasters we're used to riding are often located inside amusement parks. While they're still fun, the view isn't anything to get too excited about, not to mention all of the hills and turns in amusement park roller coasters were handmade. Mountain coasters use the natural dips and twists of the land to deliver an exciting, 100 percent natural experience.

The following clip was filmed in the Swiss Alps in 2013. Brice Milleson, the rider, straps on a camera and puts us right in the action. I've always wanted to visit Switzerland, but after watching Brice's adventure, I might not need to anymore. If riding a mountain coaster is something you want to try for yourself, chances are you can! They're increasing in popularity, and most mountain ranges feature at least one. Unless you live in the middle of Iowa, you'll probably be able to find one near you.

H/T: Brice Milleson

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