A Teacher Gets Some Surprisingly Honest Answers After Asking Her Kids What They Wished She Knew

Teachers have a very important job. They spend many, many hours with their students and often have as much influence with and affection for their students as their own parents do. 

Kyle Schwartz, a third grade teacher from Denver, recently had an interesting idea to try with her students. She asked them to anonymously submit something that they wished she knew about their personal lives. Roughly 92% of her students come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and participate in the free/reduced lunch programs. The notes were a great way for her to get a better understanding of the realities of situations that these kids face every day.

Here are some of the notes she received: 



After she posted the responses she got, #IWishMyTeacherKnew became a major hashtag that has sparked a movement amongst other teachers.

Via: Diply

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