A Teen's Nosebleed Ended Up Saving Her And Her Parent's Lives

Nosebleeds are typically not a cause for concern, but when 14-year-old Crystal Enns encountered a nosebleed that wouldn’t quit, her parents became alarmed. Mark and Cristy Enns decided to take their daughter to the hospital - and that decision would change all of their lives forever.

While the nosebleed turned out to be minor, Dr. Albert Quan discovered that Crystal had a very serious, potentially life-threatening disease called juvenile nephronophthisis. The condition affects the kidneys, and Crystal was going to need a kidney transplant. Devastated, Mark and Cristy had themselves tested immediately to see if one of them was a suitable donor. Doctors found a spot on Cristy’s kidney upon examination, thus ruling her out. After testing Mark, it became alarmingly apparent that there was something sincerely wrong with both of them.

Both of Crystal's parents were diagnosed with the same form of kidney cancer! Fortunately, the doctors caught it early enough to save Mark and Cristy from needing chemotherapy. Crystal's red herring of a nosebleed ended up saving not just her life, but her parents’ lives as well.

"The idea is, we're going to go in and do something that can be life-saving for our daughter," Mark says. “They said, ‘Well, this may have saved your life.’ I would have never been tested otherwise."

Thankfully, Crystal found a kidney donor in her aunt, and, after two years of battling her illness, is feeling well enough to get back to life as usual.

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H/T: CBS News

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