A Texas Mom Gave Birth To America's First All-Girl Quintuplets

Danielle and Adam Busby settled down in Houston nearly a decade ago with the goal of starting a family. They tried to conceive for over a year but were heartbroken to discover that they had fertility issues. They then spent another year trying all kinds of infertility treatments but still had no luck. By then they'd already depleted their savings too far to consider IVF, so they left it in fate's hands.

Eventually, they were able to welcome a daughter into the world but after a few years they felt that itch to expand their family again. Once again, they started Danielle on her pregnancy regimen from the last time, but this time it took after two months. Little did they know, however, that their lives were about to change in a way they couldn't have imagined ...

Having already experienced plenty of hiccups in their previous conception attempts, Danielle and Adam were prepared for a potentially long road to pregnancy.

This time, however, it took just a few months until they were expecting - and this time they were having quintuplets! They prepped the house for four girls and one boy, but they were in for another surprise ...


You see, Danielle gave birth to the first all-girl quintuplets in the United States, who are also the first all-girl quintuplets born worldwide since 1969!

Five medical teams collaborated together to deliver the babies at Women's Hospital of Texas. Surprisingly, it only took four minutes to deliver Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige.

Adam and Danielle's first daughter, 4-year-old Blayke, is over the moon at being a big sister!

Multiple births can be pretty risky because the chances of pregnancy loss increase with each additional fetus. Doctors say Danielle's success was due to her staying focused on keeping herself and her babies healthy, which included sticking to a 4,500 calorie diet.


Quintuplets are exceptionally rare. In 2013, quintuplets and other higher-order births was just 66 nationwide, so these little ladies are definitely little miracles.

Find out more about the Busby quintuplets below:

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