A Thief Kept Stealing Their Packages, So They Came Up With This Epic Revenge Plan

Tom Mabe noticed that the packages meant to arrive at his door kept mysteriously vanishing, so he assumed they'd been stolen. But when he discussed the issue with his neighbor, he found out that it was a widespread problem. That's when he decided to take matters into his own hands and get some revenge on the suspected thief.

Mabe's plan involved a box full of poop that was rigged to explode all over the thief and/or his car! He did a test run of the device before actually deploying it and then set up his home video surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the front yard. Then he just sat back in his office and waited for the thief to take the bait.

It's not long before a car slowly rolls up and an older man hops out of the passenger side door. He casually sauntered down the front walk and up the steps, picked up the bait box, and walked back to his car and drove off like it was nothing. Meanwhile, Mabe was watching it all unfold in real time and now he knew who the thief was. 

Unfortunately, the box was rigged to explode 40 seconds after it was moved, by which time the culprit had already driven out of range of the front yard camera. Luckily, Mabe had set up another camera to look down the road, and this one captured the moment the thief got what he deserved!

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H/T: MabeInAmerica

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