A Walk Through A Warehouse Packed With Old Movie Props

Think of your favorite movie. Chances are hundreds of props went into making it look the way it does. We often take for granted how many objects are meticulously selected and positioned to help make films great. Food, phones, signs and briefcases are all examples of props that we don't really think about.

Luckily, there are people whose entire job revolves around making sure each movie has every prop that it needs, no matter how big or small. How do they do this? Well, giant warehouses full of props, of course. These places have everything a director could ever need to tell a captivating story, from ancient artifacts to Sheriff's badges. Check out the images below to take a virtual tour of one of these magical collections.

Stepping into one of these warehouses is a movie lover's dream.

Want to put on an impromptu production of Hamlet? They've got you covered.

That many expired meters would rack up quite the parking ticket.

The 90s called ...

There are all kinds of radios, like these old timey ones ...

... or these retro models.

In case you're making a movie about movies.


A prop's color and style say a lot about the character who uses it.

Be thankful those fish and cheese wheels are fake.

We would have loved access to this place when we played make-believe as kids.

These old scrolls are the perfect way to start an Indiana Jones-style adventure.

From EMT to police officer, they have every badge you could ever need.

Who's ready to go to work?

These old telephones are practically unrecognizable.

Perfume bottles filled with colored water.

Here, the ice cream never melts ...


... and the food never expires.

Who wouldn't want one of these old gramophones in their house?

On movie sets, everyone has a walkie-talkie. Imagine being the person in charge of keeping them organized.

This microphone has probably been used by "Johnny Cash," "Elvis" and "The Beatles" in different movies over the years.

Movie sets get loud, so it's important to have a good pair of headphones when reviewing footage.

Everyone knows Coca-Cola in a glass bottle tastes 1,000 times better.

How many vampires do you think have come out of those coffins?

Need a little extra cash?

Unfortunately, you can't spend any of it in stores.

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